Two Awesome Sous Vide Magic Hacks

Reading this thread on eGullet reminded me about another thread on the Fresh Meals Solutions support site.  It isn't surprising, because both threads had awesome posts from one PedroG.  His awesomeness is proven by these two datapoints:

1. SVM Powered Immersion Circulator

PedroG wrote:
My suggestion for the not so skillful: Buy a SousVide Magic 1500D (160$) plus a mantled 1000W immersion heater (36$) ... plus an aquarium air pump (10$), fix the silicon tubing of the aquarium bubbler and the sensor of the SousVideMagic to the stainless steel guard of the immersion heater, and use it with any pot you have at hand. And here you are for 206$ without any tinkering
Basically, turn your SVM into an Immersion Circulator.  The air pump circulates and the immersion heater gets hooked up to the SVM.

2. SVM/FMM In The Hottub

Pedro strikes twice in the same thread.  This time he demonstrates how to use the SVM/FMM to turn your hot tub into a giant (130L!) sous vide water bath.  He gives advice on how to vacuum seal a suckling pig whole, so you too can replicate Heston Blumenthal's Trojan Hog, as well as PID autotune and temperature results.

Seriously awesome stuff.

Vote For Pedro!


  1. I love the idea of the jacuzzi sous vide, but there's one major problem. The tubs themselves are not rated that high. Acrylic coatings aren't tested beyond 120 for the most part and could very well delaminate. At that price, you may as well start by buying the commercial sous vide units that are designed to go that high.


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