KitchenAid Chef Touch System Pricing

Looks like Jean Francois scoops everyone (again) by digging up the pricing on the apparently batshit-crazy high end Kitchenaid Chef Touch System.  His sources state:

  • Vacuum chamber : 2,950  € incl. VAT / ($4099 USD)
  • Shock Freezer : 5,000 € incl. VAT / ($6947.50 USD)
  • Oven : steam ( 1,550 € / $2153.72 USD) combi (1,850 € / $2570.57 USD) incl. VAT
  • Kitchen high cabinet : 2,700 € incl. VAT / ($3751.65 USD)

Total = 12,500 € (combi oven) incl. VAT (approx. 17,500 USD)
This sounds like madness, but the truth is, most of this pricing isn't too far off the mark... if you are buying restaurant quality equipment.  Combine that with the fact that you get a clean, home kitchen quality aesthetic, and the pricing isn't insane, assuming the quality is there.  I wonder if this will find success in new construction of luxury homes/apartments, because I have a hard time imagining the person who buys this for an existing home.   Previously, I joked before about MTV Cribs, but now I think that would be the only time I see this system.

Of course, you can put a sous vide system together that will be just as amazing and save yourself a bunch of money.  For example, sub out the oven for the a Polyscience 7306c, the gold standard of restuarant/pro immersion circulators and you'll save $1,000 over their combi oven.  Of course, it's not a combi-oven.

Also, the cabinet is pretty damned expensive.  So you'd save another $3,750 right there ;)  What could you do with $4,750 in cost savings?  How about 158 pounds of Wagyu Ribeye or 475 pounds of Hudson Valley Foie Gras.

Would you buy one?  Do you know of anyone that would buy one?


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