SousVide Supreme Demi: Quick Glance

UPDATE: Received a demo unit for review purposes. The review starts here.

The folks that brought us the SousVide Supreme released a new smaller, model called the SousVide Supreme Demi.  The Demi appears to be their iPod Mini version of the Sous Vide Supreme.  It's less expensive, comes in a number of colors, and has a smaller footprint.

SousVide Supreme Demi

So, let's collect some data from the SousVide Supreme website and do some maths:

Comparison of SousVide Supreme to SousVide Supreme Demi
Ok, now that we have some data, let's make some observations:
  1. The Demi is 33% cheaper.  The original SousVide Supreme is too expensive for the average consumer.  It will be interesting to see if the sub-300$ water bath will increase adoption.  
  2. The Demi will take up 12-13% less countertop space than the full size model.  
  3. The Demi's internal volume is 80% of the volume of the classic.  Which is weird, because:
  4. The bag/product capacity (e.g. the amount of food you can put inside) is at best 60% of the amount you can put into the SousVide Supreme.  I am not an EE major, but I don't think the hardware would make a difference.  Anyone want to shed some light for me?
That's not my only question.  I also wonder about whether or not the Demi will cannibalize sales off of the SVS.


  1. I agree with your analysis.

    The position of this SVS Demi in Europe is also interesting.
    SVS is currently sold in Europe at EUR 600 (approx. USD 826, crazy isn't it?). I anticipate the SVS Demi being sold in Europe at EUR 450 (USD 620) which would be in direct competition with the swid imersion circulator of Addelice (sold at EUR 449 incl. shipping).

  2. I am not surprised at the price point, given that SVS has to be a pretty small company and their costs for selling in europe is high. Seems like they would have a hard time competing on price against Addelice. Maybe they will be more effective on the marketing side.

  3. Currently, John Lewis has the SVS on sale for 349 pounds sterling. This is even less than the Addelice SWID (which doesn't come with a water bath (another 99 pounds).

    I purchased a used Lab Immersion Heater/circulator and have a very accurate temperature controlled bath.

    One question I have - is this just a temperature controlled water bath or is it a recirculation bath? If it doesn't have a means of circulating the water, it must rely on convection, and this would greatly impair thermal stability.


  4. The SousVide Supreme and the SousVIde Supreme Demi do not circulate water. The SWID is an immersion circulator, so its sort of a different beast (e.g. you dont necessarily need to buy a 99 pound container, you can use a big stock pot or anything that you can clip the circulator too really. You might need to insulate it for energy efficiency purposes, but small price to pay.


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