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The Modernist Beat Volume 3

I have been sitting on this one for a little while.  Mostly trying to cover science-y/food convergence type things.  If you have links to suggest for the next one, just pop a comment up in this bitch.  Without further adieu: From the 'how do you get to be a test subject for this study' dept. Scientists have improved on the perfect hangover cure: The Bloody Mary. Where Math And Sausage Infinitely Converge. I give you... the Mandelbratwurst . Locannivorism In the 8th case of its kind, a man self cannibalizes  his own finger. Is this a horrifying trend, or is it really just self foraging? I personally look forward to the negative Yelp review. Obligatory Modernist Cuisine Book give away Marcel's Quantum Kitchen is sponsoring a Modernist Cuisine Book giveaway over at grubstreet. All you have to do is suggest a theme for a future episode. I suspect that Marcel detractors have already suggested self cannibalism or some form of modernist mutilation. Do white choc

Espuma Matata (Culinary Foam Worries)

I have been working on a list of modern cooking technique debates I hate witnessing and the "Do Foams Suck?" debate is filled with jackassery from both sides.  I am a proponent of all culinary techniques regardless of trendiness.  They just have to be well executed and service the dish.  That being said, I think us pro-foamers do need to check ourselves when we attempt to engage the enemy. Say you are minding your own business when some foam hating douche walks up to you and says: I hate foams and everyone that likes 'em! The initial response as programmed by the Internet will invariably be: You hate all foams?  You know that x is a foam right? Where x is: Bread Mousse Cappuccino Beer Your Mother Hocking that loogie is a total red herring.   Obviously, when someone says they hate foams, they are being more specific than any solid or liquid with a gas trapped inside of it.   So, let's stop channeling that nerdiness from high school that got you into this w