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TGRWT 19: Tomato And Black Tea

Special Note: We are extending the TGRWT#19 deadline to October 5th! Hot on the heels of TGRWT18 , Martin Lersch was  foolish  kind enough to let me host TGRWT 19. In case you've forgotten, They Go Really Well Together ( TGRWT ) is a challenge where you are encouraged to find creative ways of pairing flavors (that may sound unusual) but have one or more key odorants in common. I've written and quasi-contributed to TGRWT several times, mostly cause I think it gets you thinking about food. If Michael Pollan is right , then now more than ever we need ways to inspire people to actually cook. This isn't a competition, as such there can be no winner and there will be no fabulous prizes. But, maybe, just maybe, you can use this to get your creative juices going, and find your way back into your poor, neglected kitchen. I wanted to choose common ingredients that were familiar, seasonal and could still be exciting for people to riff on. I also wanted to choose things


first things first. this is built on the shoulders of others . [caption id="attachment_336" align="aligncenter" width="500" caption="prosciutto consomme"] [/caption] fat's rendered. stock's clarified. notes on prosciutto: Obtain Hocks. ask deli person about the hocks. don't let them slice it. also, sometimes you can get the superior quality prosciutto in hock form for the same price as the lesser ones. fortune favors the bold. Trim Fat and Render. rendered prosciutto fat is amazing. you also get prosciutto cracklings if that's your thing. i popped the cracklings into the oven afterwards. Boyle ye meats. you are going to think you want to add other flavors, but put the bay leaf down. be careful not to overcook. it goes from tasting like prosciutto to not in the blink of an eye (Optional) Clarify. i'm still weeks behind the interweb and using gelatin clarification. risotto made with prosciutto stock? sv or