On Time And Cooking

Michael Ruhlman tossed another stone in the stagnant pool of the American dietary habit last week.  He called bullshit on the trope that people don't have time to cook at home.  Taking aim at all of the television shows, food writing and companies that continuously remind us about how little time we have to cook meals, Ruhlman reminds us that faster meals can come at the price of our health.

I know we need him standing on the wall that protects good, honest cooking, but I feel that his defense sprayed some friendly fire on some allies. It is complete bullshit that you can't make a healthy meal in 20 minutes.  If people started making healthy meals in 20 minutes, maybe they would learn to like cooking.  And then maybe they'll spend 30 minutes or an hour.  Even if they don't, they are still making healthy meals.  

If I had the reach of a Michael Ruhlman, I would be encouraging people to cook.  Period.  

Of course, I don't.  But if you read this blog, you should prepare more food from scratch.  Make a salad.  Broil some fish.  In either case: use olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper.  It will take 20 minutes tops.  


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