Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sous Vide Supreme: Duck Confit Reducks

Earlier, I promised to come back with the results from the Duck Confit.  It was, of course, supremely easy to make and extraordinarily delicious.  I used Tom Colicchio's recipe as a basis for the recipe.   Here were the choices I made:
  1. Added 1 TSP roasted garlic powder.  More on that some other time.
  2. I let the duck sit for 24 hours and wiped away all the salt.
  3. Put the duck into the bag with 1/4 cup of rendered duck fat and tossed it into the Sous Vide Supreme at 178F until it was tender.
  4. Afterwards, I seared the confit in a hot pan.
The confit was served on a Lacinato Kale Caesar.  Best part is, I have enough confit left to make something else.  Like, oh I dunno, maybe some duck confit tacos!

ps: I am going to be wrapping up my SVS posts this week.  Should have a final eval post up early next week.

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