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The noble frodnesor tagged me in to the link-baity "My Seven Links" internet cage meme.  And while the speed of the internet is light-speed, the speed of a Pablo post is still all USPS baby.  So while I am pretty sure this meme is dead, I am a sucker for the lay-up blog post.  Of course, this took two hours to write.  Why?  Because I just reread a lot of my posts.  Which I think is why this meme worked.  It was really nice to stumble down memory lane, I definitely saw some posts that are totally horrifying, but then I also saw a lot of posts I had forgotten about, and were surprisingly, not shitty.

My Most Beautiful Post

This is a tough call.  Like the aforementioned frod, I am pictorially-challenged.   At first I was thinking that some of my travel posts like TacoEpoisses or Paris, where  I managed to take some quality shots.  Of course,  Ultimately, I think I have to give it to my initial thoughts on the SousVide Supreme Demi, which is really a short rib photo shoot, or my white tuna post, where I compare albacore tuna fillets and escolar.  I guess I have to pick one, so fuck it, it goes to the white tuna post.

I was possessed.

Link: White Tuna Sushi

My Most Popular Post

This one is a no brainer, it's my magnum-poopus.  I wrote a post on the dangers of eating escolar.  Sort of off-topic for what I pretend my blog is about, but this finely crafted post came from somewhere deep inside of me.  It contained a crap-ton of research, as it was supposed to be my first blog post.  But on the shelf it sat.  When I finally completed it, it had the trifecta: Funny, Informative and Gross.  If you want to know what I love about the post, it is that it launch a bazillion hilarious comments.

If I am a one-hit wonder, this is my "I'm too sexy"

Link: The Escolar Post

My Most Controversial Post

My most controversial post also has the distinction of being my first post as well as being one of the posts that makes me cringe to read.  I wrote a blog post about how Miracle Connect had mishandled customers Miracle Berry supply issues.  While they definitely mishandled it, I think I come off like a livejournal blogger writing emo-etry.  That being said, Grub Street linked to me on my first post.

Link: Miracle (Dis)Connect

My Most Helpful Post

I really pride myself on not being helpful or instructive.  There were some exceptions to that, including my two part guide on building a polyscience smoke gun, or my recipe for making roasted garlic powder.  I also took my notes from the ideas in food class on liquid nitrogen.  And while I think people seemed to really find my sous vide equipment posts really useful, I found my post on Umami, Kokumi and the Taste Map the most helpful post.  Why?  Cause I still thought that the taste map was actually how our sense of taste worked.

Link: The Taste Map, Umami and Kokumi (Complexities In Taste)

Post Whose Success Surprised Me

I don't really think I have had that many like blow-my-mind successes.  But I wrote a tiny little post about edible cups that got a lot of traffic out of nowhere.  I wish I had more to say about it, but the post was as disposable as the cups.

Link: Edible Agar Agar Cups

Post That Didn't Get The Attention It Deserved

This one is also an easy one.  I wrote what I thought was a barn burner similar to the Escolar post.   I spent a crap-ton of time trying to figure out why Count Rumford was credited with inventing sous vide cooking.  There was no easy to find citation, and yet it was one of the first facts in the sous vide Wikipedia page.  Then I took that excellent nugget of research and batter dipped it in the funny.  You should read this post now, and tell me how everyone got it wrong.

Link: Sous-Vide Historical Note: Count Rumford

Post I am Most Proud Of

I would actually say that the escolar post or the Count Rumford post are really the top two.  But I think I can't repeat or my phone will ring, someone will say "7 links" in a spooky voice and then a scary lady will come out of my tv and freeze me.  As such, I think I have to go with either my shark fin controversy post for calling it as I see it, or some of my funnier lil bits like my post on chicken and rose flavor pairings or really, my mini screenplay on ordering technique featuring Frank Bruni, Snoop Dogg, Pickled Jalapeno and myself.

Link: The Escolar Post


Gotta go, phone's ringi- ohno.


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