The Modernist's Beat: 1st Edition

Here is the roundup of all the stuff I read that I wish I could write more about but can't cause my life is too busy.

Homaro Cantu (of Moto and Future Food fame) announced his latest project iNG Restaurant.  iNG (Imagining New Gastronomy) will be helmed by Thomas Bowman, who was already cooking for Cantu over at Moto.  iNG will be taking over the existing Otom space, featuring creative, confortable, delicious food and featuring a kitchen table for a Miracle Berry experience where every dish is to be tasted with your taste buds tricked out. For more information, check out Digging In.

Gelato, Jellato
Linda, over at playing with fire and water came up with an ingenious two ingredient recipe for ice cream. I call it Jellato because it is made from heavy cream and Grape Jelly.   And what do you do with Grape Jelly Ice Cream you ask?  Why you use it to make ice cream sandwiches with peanut butter-miso cookies.  Too.  Clever.  Brain.  Shutting.  Down.

Of Course It Was Going To Kick Ass
Ideas In Food released their book, Ideas in Food: Great Recipes and Why They Work, to much fanfare.  I haven't read a bad review yet, and if their writing on their blog is any indication, I am sure it will blow my mind.  Speaking of Ideas In Food, Alex and Aki will be speaking at The Dandelion Pub in Philadelphia.  You can see all of their upcoming events over at their website.

The King Is Dead, Long Live The King
The eGullet sous vide thread, possibly the most useful message board thread in the history of human kind, has closed.  Almost 7 years of active contributions by some of the best and brightest, it was a friendly place to get advice and share knowledge.  It is the best documentation of the evolution of a cooking technique I can think of, as well as great documentation of people working together to figure something out.  The last post was by PedroG.  Not to worry, a new thread has started.


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