Ask Pablo: Two Sous Vide Supreme Demi's Or One Classic

Reader Chris asked me on twitter:
bob_mcbob @pablo_escolar if you had a choice, do you think you would prefer one SousVide Supreme or two Demis?
This is a somewhat tricky question for two reasons:

  1. I haven't finished using the SousVide Supreme Demi.   We'll just pretend the device just plain works as advertised for now.
  2. On some level I refute the premise of the question as it is asking exclusively about SousVide Supreme products.  Therefore, I will give an answer, and then ask and answer a second question.

My answer is really simple.  I would rather have two SousVide Supreme Demi's (assuming that they work as advertised).  The reason for this is pretty straight forward.  To date, I have never cooked anything that wouldn't fit inside of a single Demi.  The only thing that might have come close was the four pound sous vide octopus.  Now, I live with my woman and don't have a family or a lot of guests over, so I don't end up cooking for much more than four people at a time.

The advantage of two SousVide Supreme Demi's are that you can cook multiple items at different temperatures.  For example, have vegetables cooking at 180 in one Demi and then a Sous Vide Short Rib in the other.

Of course, with the amount of counterspace I have, two Demi's might be a little too much.

Now, here is the meta-question:
pablo_escolar @pablo_escolar if you (and by you I mean me), had ~$600 to spend on sous vide gear, how would you spend it.
Well, Pablo, glad I asked!  I might go for a SousVide Supreme Demi and a Fresh Meals Magic/Sous Vide Magic combo.  I feel like I can keep the Demi out on the countertop and keep The Woman happy.  The FMM (regulated by the SVM) can handle larger bath sizes, so I can drop a turducken into my hot tub and cook away.  The SVM can also control a rice cooker, which lets me use much less water.

If I were in Europe, I'd have a totally different set of answers.  And probably an accent.


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