FreshMealsMagic: The FMM Unbox

I have in my possession a FMM for evaluation purposes. I got about as far as making sure that everything arrived before I had some travel that took me far away from my kitchen.  Now I am back and ready to shift into overdrive on the FMM.  I am going to write up a test plan for this, but in the meantime, let's walk through the different components:

BRAIN // The SVM 1500D PID Controller

Input: Power via Outlet
Input: Temperature of Water Via Temperature Probe
Output: Power -> FMM

This component regulates the temperature of the water bath via a temperature probe and power going to the FMM.  I promise I'll talk about the differences between the 1500D and previous models.  

MUSCLE // The Fresh Meals Magic Bubbler and Heater

Input: Power via the SVM
Input: Air via the Airpump

This is a submersible heater.  It is responsible for providing both heat and circulation via air bubbles.

LUNGS // The Air Pump

Input: Power via Outlet
Output: Air -> FMM

This little guy plugs into the wall and provides air to the FMM.  It has a dial that you can use to regulate air flow going to the FMM.  Turn up the volume, and the FMM produces more bubbles.  According to the documentation, more isn't necessarily better as you can cool down your water bath.


Input: 15 Minutes, Water, Power
Output: Pure Joy -> Pablo Escolar

Setup being tested in the 18L container that comes with the FMM kit.  Lots and lots of bubbles.  

I just tossed two duck breasts into the water bath as my first test.  


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