Friday, October 16, 2009


On my walk home today, I stopped underneath Katz's awning (or ledge, whatever that thing is) to get out of the wind and rain. Almost as soon as I ducked under the awning, a man with one of those secret service type ear things walked out holding a laminated sign. I watched as he tried to affix said laminated sign with some tape to one of the windows.

Did I mention earlier that it was raining?

Yah, didn't work too well. He finally managed to kind of get it stuck to the window, giving me a chance to finally read it. My dreams that the secret services were forcing Katz's to discount were quickly dashed as I read that they were filming Gene Simmons' reality TV show. Looking inside, I saw people crowding around Gene, gawking and taking pictures.

While I was peering through the window to get a better look (never said i was better than those other gawkers), a guy leaves with his two sons. At least I hope they were his kids.


It is raining Katz's and Dogz's as a PECULIAR MAN with a goatee peers through the gigantic windows, staring at the trainwreck formally known as GENE SIMMONS. His head tilts like a confused dog while a FATHER exists the famous deli with his two sons.


Are people still taking pictures of him?




I don't get it, he's only been famous for a couple of decades. That pastrami's been famous for like a hun'red years.


(tugging on arm)

Daaaad. Let's gooooooo.


Heh. Didn't think of it like...


Hey, where's that knishery?


(in unison)


The KIDS grab their FATHER's sleeve pulling him down the street (away from the knishery), leaving PECULIAR MAN to stand there... being peculiar.

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