Sous Vide Equipment Cost Calculator

Welcome to the extremely beta and sorta-maybe working version of my sous vide equipment cost calculator. The goal here is to give you a sense of cost to have a sous vide setup (for professional and home kitchens). Certain controllers are not self contained and also require the use of a rice cooker. If you select one of these, an additional menu will appear with a selection of rice cookers. Leave a comment if you have feedback and I will get things fixed ASAP.


  1. Pablo,

    I don't get the price for the swid. You made it $240 more expensive than the SVS.
    With the current rate €1=$1.28 this should $578


  2. JF:

    Good catch. Not sure if price changed or I had it wrong. Either way, I took the price form the website 449 * 1.28 and evened it out to 575.


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