Kyocera Knife FAQ Funny

Kyocera makes ceramic knives.  The advantages of ceramic knives are that they remain sharp for a lot longer than their metallic counterparts.  They are also significantly lighter (which some people prefer, but I prefer heavier knives), and they are a little more delicate (meaning, you don't want to use them on product that could potentially damage the knife (meaning frozen foods, or anything with bones).   I say all of this, only because I was recently reminded of this knife, and I wanted to hunt down the original FAQ, which included something that I find very entertaining:
Q: The peeler is great! How come you don't make a shaver?
A: Too dangerous! A metal razor blade has a relatively "rounded" edge (under the microscope) which prevents the blade from cutting into the skin. A ceramic razor blade, however, does not have a rounded edge and slices into the skin. Thus, a ceramic shaver would be too dangerous to use. Several engineers in Sendai who tested prototypes can confirm this painful fact!
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Janna W said...

That is an awesome FAQ reply. We have one ceramic Kyocera knife. I did something stupid enough to break off the top inch of the knife. Lesson learned in fragility, indeed.

At any rate, I'm more peeved that I can't stick it where we store all our knives: on a wall-mounted, magnetic strip. First world problem, yes.

Unknown said...

I have the exact same (1st world) problem. Personally, I think its a great knife for vegetables, but it's a little too light for me.

Anonymous said...


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