Kyocera Knife FAQ Funny

Kyocera makes ceramic knives.  The advantages of ceramic knives are that they remain sharp for a lot longer than their metallic counterparts.  They are also significantly lighter (which some people prefer, but I prefer heavier knives), and they are a little more delicate (meaning, you don't want to use them on product that could potentially damage the knife (meaning frozen foods, or anything with bones).   I say all of this, only because I was recently reminded of this knife, and I wanted to hunt down the original FAQ, which included something that I find very entertaining:
Q: The peeler is great! How come you don't make a shaver?
A: Too dangerous! A metal razor blade has a relatively "rounded" edge (under the microscope) which prevents the blade from cutting into the skin. A ceramic razor blade, however, does not have a rounded edge and slices into the skin. Thus, a ceramic shaver would be too dangerous to use. Several engineers in Sendai who tested prototypes can confirm this painful fact!


  1. That is an awesome FAQ reply. We have one ceramic Kyocera knife. I did something stupid enough to break off the top inch of the knife. Lesson learned in fragility, indeed.

    At any rate, I'm more peeved that I can't stick it where we store all our knives: on a wall-mounted, magnetic strip. First world problem, yes.

  2. I have the exact same (1st world) problem. Personally, I think its a great knife for vegetables, but it's a little too light for me.


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