On The Value Of The $200 Fennel Braiser

This is probably indicative of my state of mind, but I got super furious when I saw the following ad on epicurious:

A $200 fennel braiser.  Questions like: 
  • Who the fuck would spend 200$ just for the task of a fennel braiser?  
  • What unique qualities of fennel could be coaxed with a special braising device?  
  • Why would anyone think they could get away with this scam?
  • Where did epicurious get the gall to sell such a ridiculous item?

I had to research this further.  Within seconds my rage converted into amusement.  With myself.  At myself.  For within two clicks, I found the following:


  1. This made me laugh! I was also enraged until the light bulb turned on!

  2. You weren't the only one who saw that ad and thought WHO & WHY??? Thanks for doing the research and clearing that one up...DUH on my part.

    Cook Lisa Cook

  3. Well, you are not alone either... or are you?

  4. I just found this post when I googled "Fennel Braiser" to figure out why someone would need a special braiser for fennel, and why on earth that special piece of equipment would cost 200 bucks. Finding this post was great. Now.... $200.00 for braising COBALT, that makes way more sense. ;-)

  5. 200$ to braise cobalt is a steel!


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