The Modernist Beat: Volume 2

Here is the roundup of all the stuff I read that I wish I could write more about but can't cause my life is too busy.

The Future Will Not Be Turkey Paste Extruded By A Printer
Cooking Issue's tackles 3D food printing.  What isn't mentioned in the article is that they are continually asked whether or not 3D food printing is how all food will be made in the future.  The answer can be found in last week's Cooking Issues podcast, which if you don't listen to: shaaaaaaammmmeeee.

Happy Birthday Bruno!
Bruno Gaussault's birthday just passed last week (according to Facebook).  Bruno is widely considered one of the father's of sous vide cooking.  Somewhere, the father of this father of sous vide cooking is beaming.  At a consistent 62ÂșC.

Never Trust Your Gut Brain
Scientists are pushing forward their understanding of satiety.  Basically, the enteric nervous system, which is made up of 500,000,000 nerve cells helps regulate hunger.  This gut brain is roughly equivalent in number of cells as a cat's brain.   Once the gut brain is understood, scientists can make food that fills us up.  Or, more likely, construct a single potato chip that causes us to start eating each other.

Ferran Marches On.
Ferran Adria has released more details on the elBulli Foundation at Madrid Fusion.  From the article:
The foundation will combine meals, research, landscape and architecture in a research centre, a documentation centre and a restaurant in a eco-friendly complex that is to open in 2014.
After reading the article, I have come to the conclusion that it will be even less likely to score a reservation there.

No Jellato Jellato.  Or Jellato Part Duo.
Michael Natkin over at Herbavoracious adapted foodplayerlinda's Jelly based ice cream technique by applying pectin to a chocolate base ala Ideas In Food.  The result is No Churn Chocolate Ice Cream.

Egg Fu
Shola demonstrates pressure marinating eggs (with white shoyu, mirin and sake) with his 5 day egg.  Use of grate to protect eggs from getting crushed was clever.


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