Food Information Overload

I have been slowly transcribing notes from a number of food talks i've been to dating back about five months now. I have seen:
  1. Alex and Aki from Ideas In Food (Liquid Nitrogen)
  2. Wylie DuFresne and David Zuddas at the French Institute
  3. Ferran Adria at the NYPL
  4. Grant Achatz and Nathan Myhrvold also at the NYPL
  5. Thomas Keller and Michael Ruhlman promoting Under Pressure
Since I have already written about Liquid Nitrogen and Under Pressure, I suppose I only owe you Achatz, Myhrvold, Adria, DuFresne and Zuddas. I don't know if this is intentional or by accident, but all of the remaining talks really focused on food as art and/or the future of food.

That is a ridiculous amount of knowledge and culinary perspective to absorb.  While each one incrementally changed how I thought about food, getting such a high dose of foodthought in a short period of time has forever altered how I interact with food.  

Did I mention that, in one trip to Chicago, I experienced Moto, Alinea, Blackbird (twice) and Avec.

To make it worse:

I also have in my possession: "Under Pressure", "Alinea" and thanks to a co-worker who is clearly trying to kill any chance I have at being productive: "The Big Fat Duck Cookbook".   All combined that is over 1200 pages.

Head. Melting.


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